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Who We Are

The Incomati and Maputo Watercourse Commission (INMACOM) is a transboundary river basin organization operating in the Incomati and Maputo basins. INMACOM was officially established on the 18th November, 2021. Prior to that, INMACOM existed as the Tripartite Permanent Technical Committee (TPTC) which was established in 1983. The formation of INMACOM as a RBO is aligned to SADC principles on the management of shared transboundary water resources. 

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What We Do

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Cooperation Amongst Member States

Ensure the sustainable sharing and protection of water resources in the Incomati and Maputo Basins.

Enable Knowledge and Information Sharing

Inform planning, management and decision-making processes of the Komati and Maputo River Basins.

Support transboundary IWRM

A particular focus on practice and interventions focused on environmental and socioeconomic benefits.