• 1983

    Tripartite Permanent Technical Committee (TPTC) Agreement in 1983 - allowed for establishment of TPTC
  • 1991

    Piggs Peak Agreement was signed the 1991 - resulted in the Joint Incomati Basin Study
  • 1992

    Komati River Development Treaty between Eswatini and SA (Joint Komati River Basin development plan, Komati Basin Water Authority, Maguga and Driekkopies dams)
  • 1997

    Bilateral agreement between Mozambique and SA to establish JWC
  • 1998

    Commitment & desire to develop formal water use agreement for the two river basins that benefits all
  • 1999

    Treaty between Mozambique and Eswatini to coordinate discussions on issues of common interest
  • 2002

    Signing of Tripartite Interim Agreement for Cooperation on the Protection and Sustainable Utilisation of the Incomati and Maputo Watercourses (IIMA)
  • 2007-2011

    Grant from the Kingdom of the Netherlands for PRIMA I
  • 2011

    Agree to establish a RBO that aligns with SADC's principles on shared watercourses
  • 2021

    Agreement of establishment signed and establishmebt of Commission
  • 2020-2023

    Grant from the Kingdom of the Netherlands for PRIMA II