Key Stats

Total area of the basins: 46 750

Distribution of the basin

Total Storage Capacity of Dams: 1.182 MCM 131.5 MCM is transferred annually from Komati to Olifants River Basin annually, 104 MCM is used for power generation annually 135.5 MCM is transferred to ESwatini for irrigation annually and 91 MCM is transferred from ESwatini to Mozambique through the Imbuluzi River annually

Major water uses: agriculture, power generation, industrial and domestic.

Planned Projects

  • Institutional strengthening of INMACOM as a transboundary RBO, including a sustainable funding model.
  • Facilitate improved collaboration and cooperation amongst all the reparian states.
  • Develop a Management Information System as well as a Communication Strategy.
  • Understake studies on the impact of climate change on the water resources and how communities and all users can build resilience.
  • Develop a Disaster Management strategy